The Founding Group of Innovators Charter School has submitted an application to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to become a regional Commonwealth Charter School serving 735 students in  grades 6-12. During our first year, ICS seeks to enroll 315 students in grades 6-8, growing by one grade level until we reach capacity during our fifth year. If awarded a charter from the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, our goal is to open in September 2022 with 105 students in each grade level, 6-8.

Students will engage in a curriculum reflecting our key design principles of  adolescent development, deeper learning, and early college STEM. During middle school, students engage in career exploration, exposure, and engagement activities. High  school students enroll in one of three articulated career pathways focused on Engineering, Computer Science, or  Biomedical Science. Innovators Charter School works with Bristol Community College and the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth to provide all ICS students with early college experiences, career pathways, and  college credits. All students can graduate with a minimum of 12 and up to 60 college credits.